A Deal From Jay-Z That Weezy Had To Refuse

Rapper Lil Wayne has never been completely forthright about his dealings with Jay Z before the release of Tha CarterII in 2005. He has always seemed hesitant to discuss the details, until a recent interview on DJ Drama’s radio show.

Weezy stated that he and Jay Z are cool now, therefore, he can speak on what went down. He said that he met with Jay Z in the daytime at the 40/40, while laughing it up with Denzel Washington and Derek Jeter. He didn’t get what was funny. However, between jokes, he offered Weezy a contract worth 175 thousand and he thought that his two bottom teeth are worth more than that – something the two rappers joke about now all the time.

What are things like now? Wayne still looks to him for guidance and for his mentorship. Of course, Wayne ended up being faithful to Cash Money and Birdman. Unfortunately, this has put him in a difficult position, but according to him, is in the process of being worked out, and the fans should hear new music from him soon. Best believe, we all will be waiting.



Jay-Z Removes Albums From Streaming Sites

Rap and Hip-hop mogul Jay-z appears to have removed a handful of his albums from all music-streaming platforms except Tidal with many suggesting that it is simply a strategy to boost their subscribers. Some of the albums that he removed include the Blueprint, Blueprint 2, The Gift and the Curse, and the Blueprint 3 from rival streaming music competitors such as Apple Music, Spotify meaning that his music is no longer available for purchase on Apple Music.

These are not the only albums that the rapper has removed from rival service providers. In fact, last year, the rapper removed Reasonable Doubt from Spotify in an attempt at making other companies review their royalties structures. Jay-z launched Tidal in 2015 promising improved royalty deals with artists and exclusive deals for subscribers. More so, while rumors have been circulating that Samsung would buy the music platform, the company spokesman recently came out in Variety magazine to deny the allegations.

Tidal Has Fired It’s CFO and COO Over Streaming Numbers

After Tidal was hit with a lawsuit over Royalty Payments, another change for the company has surfaced. Since last year, Tidal have made several changes including being led by three CEOs. Today it was announced that Chris Hart and Nils Juell have been terminated. Reportedly, the dispute was prompted about how streaming data should or should not be public. If the terminations were due to these issues, then that would make sense. They have failed to share the data it’s two albums – Rihanna’s Anti and Kanye’s The life of pablo. The lack of reporting has caused even its popular tracks to miss the Billboard chart. Tidal has grown into a major, global operation in 46 countries. Accounting and Operations teams are now located in New York, while the Technology and Support teams are in Oslo. Since their formation, the company has not hesitated to make changes and there is no word on when the terminated positions will be filled.

Brat Simpson remakes Drake’s Started from the Bottom song

Brat Simpson just trolled Drake in the episode, Gal of Constant Sorrow, by shooting a spoof on rapper Drake’s solo number – Started from the Bottom. Brat’s extravagance begins as he gets his tenant, an old lady residing in his closet, paying him a week’s rent of seven dollars in advance. Though Brat hasn’t got a million dollars to spend lavishly like Drake, yet, Milhouse escorts Brat to a place of middle class binge – 98 cents shop. Funky sunglasses docked on the nose, and with a cool dude chain around the neck, Brat dumps the basket with tassels and gums. A slow motion sequence of girls dancing in the shower of chocolates, rained by the well-heeled guy, adds to the humor. The Simpsons has deliberately included many cameos from well known albums and album makers of noteworthy category. Drake’s track is just another score in a long list of pop songs which have boomed beats in background.

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